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Ultimately the first step to taking a “Round The World” (RTW) or extended trip is deciding to do it. When is the perfect time to just drop all your worldly possessions and head out the door with only a backpack, sense of adventure and no guarantee to what the road may bring. Fantasizing and talking about traveling simply is not enough, and saying “some day” when you have “enough time”, “enough money”, or when the “situation is right” you’ll take the trip of your life. There are too many unknown variables and waiting around for the right circumstances will only prolong your dreams. Just as the road brings to guarantees, “life” itself holds no guarantees that it will present you with the perfect timing, because there is a family to provide for, a mortgage to pay, and not to mention that father time himself catches all of us and we might not be physically able to embark on that “once in a life time” trip.

Sacrifice!!! The one word most of us hate but it is a means to an end. Deciding that taking a RTW trip is what you really want then sacrificing is the critical element to achieving your goals. The reality is you only have enough “money” and enough “time” if you make it happen. Saving the money means giving up going with friends on the weekends, packing left over lunch for work, selling your car or house, and a number of other things. I personally started saving two years before getting up the nerve to notify my company of my plans. There will never be a perfect time when to leave a career, family and friends which ultimately to some degree might has some type of consequences - either losing your career or potentially a few friends. Making your dreams a priority in your life you can accomplish them. As I was once told by an old friend “pay now or pay later.”

As one can imagine, there are a ton of details involved in a trip of this magnitude. I have posted some details regarding information about preparing for my trip, which I hope serves as a guide to other travelers planning their own trips and any other curious onlookers. Regardless of the reasons, I am sure everyone is very interested in how I planned such a voyage, the route I intend on taking, my gear, expenses and other information. If you are still interested in learning more or puzzle with other questions please feel free to contact me from the contact page.

The best advice that was given to me was just set a date and purchase your tickets and then let the other details play out. You can plan until you are blue in the face but setting a date and sticking to it will be the only way that forces you to leave “come hell or high water”.

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